WARNING: Everything in this section WILL change as the vision for Toontown Fantasy becomes closer to fruition!

What is Toontown Fantasy?

PLAYER ZER0 STUDIO's Toontown Fantasy is a brand new take on Disney's Toontown Online video game that takes place within the franchise that THE PLAYER ZER0 has been making for years. While we want an original story to take precident, we are sticking to the "Work vs Play" story that the original game is known for that way the game won't feel as alien to the original fans.

What is Toontown Fantasy About?

Toontown Fantasy will be a re-invention of the beloved Disney game, Disney's Toontown Online built by those who've grown up with the original game! We want something different from the current experiences of Toontown Rewritten and Toontown: Corporate Clash. So, we began work on a new private server!

In Toontown Fantasy, you can create your own Toon before being thrown right into the action, fighting against the incoming invasion of Gyro's Cogs who want to turn Toontown into their latest, grim business venture at any means necessary.

A Story to Remember...

As previously stated here and in the Arbitrium Studios Discord Server, we will be sticking with the "Work vs Play" format of the story since this IS a Toontown server but for the sake of all of our sanities, we will not be attempting to adapt the events prior to Disney's DuckTales 2017 Reboot. Instead, we will be going in a new direction than has been previously seen in Toontown to make sure nothing contradicts the Arbitrium Studios continuities. We will be adapting a lot of the ideas from both the original game and Twinkling Shadows: A Toontown Story to make sure the game feels as unique as possible.

As stated in the Toontown Fantasy section of the Development FAQ on the Arbitrium Studios Discord server, we have a unique idea for the story of Toontown Fantasy and we plan on going through with that regardless of what happens! Stay TOONed for more updates by joining the Arbitrium Studios Discord server!

Every Detail Counts...

Every detail counts to make a game to remember! This is why we will be taking our time to make the world feel lived in by adding various wildlife, better NPCs, and more to the game! Because of this, everything will be getting an overhaul. Though, to not overwork the Fantasy Team, we will be doing this in small steps which means the game will not be ready for a couple years! However, we will be sharing the progress we make along the way to keep everyone invested!

If it isn't obvious, we have a lot of ideas for the game but we're a bit understaffed at the moment. This is partially why we've open-sourced the code and prioritized the website over the game to explain my intentions and to help advertise the game! You can check out the progress of Toontown Fantasy by clicking here to join the Arbitrium Studios Discord Server!

Now, we will admit that this project got revealed way too early in development which was entirely our fault! So, we had to roll with it! But just because the project was revealed early, doesn't mean we have no idea what direction the game will take, because we do! And we will do everything in our power to get this game out to you all this time around with or without my current staff!

Introducing the Fantasy Team!